Exploring the Floors

Lucam Floor

The grain was hoisted up to the Lucam floor (top floor) and gravity transported it down through the mill and the grinding process. The Lucam floor forms a catwalk running the whole length of the building. Either side of the floor are the bins for storing the grain. Steep wooden steps lead down through the bin floor, where demountable boards separate the bins, to the ……..

Stone Floor

Down the steep wooden steps from the LUCAM floor you find yourself on the Stone floor, a large open area housing all the equipment needed to grind the various grains and pulses. Down more steep wooden steps and we are on the Meal floor (ground floor)…………

Meal Floor

Climbing down from the Stone floor we arrive on the Meal floor (ground floor). From this floor the miller could operate the waterwheel and check on the quality of the milled flour.